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Transgender surgery Medi-Credit

United Medical Credit has favorable interest rates and terms.

If Medi-Credit is being sought, we recommend …  United Medical Credit

 Please click on their link below or cut and paste into a browser to complete the application on UMC’s secure website.

We also have very affordable fees in that we own our Florida State approved office based surgical center.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Center for Transgender Surgery


The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery
located in greater Miami, Florida

Vaginioplasty promotion | Miami |Dr. Harold Reed

Dr. Reed,  Interest in your transgender vaginoplasty promotion.  Realize today is Sunday and you’re closed for tomorrow.  But please accept this post as my affirmation for gender confirmation surgery with you.  I am 35, had an orchiectomy a few years ago, am in very good health, and lived as a woman for 8 years. Brenda…Continue Reading

Vaginoplasty Male to Female Promotion| Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  Please confirm your vaginoplasty promotion for $6,000.  I got a “this just in” call from my therapist.  Diana Dear Diana,  Yes, we have sent E-mails to 200 therapists throughout the United States who have active transgender counselling practices.  Many already know me from other clients   The fee for surgery is $6,000.  …Continue Reading

Lending a helping hand for prospective vaginoplasty patients

Yes, Roslyn.  We will try to bring a smile to your face.  Don’t despair.  Please Email us for a comprehensive “getting ready” letter. Cordially, Harold M. Reed, M.D. The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami 1-305-865-2000 Harold M. Reed, M.D,.Continue Reading

The first 16 in 2016 MTF promotion

Dr. Reed, I am interested in qualifying for your 2016 MTF promotional offer.  Please provide details. MaryAnn, Dear MaryAnn, Simply call the office after New Years and speak with Anne our amiable office manager.  Also please Email me to obtain information on the preparatory details… medically qualified to undergo surgery, good height-weight confirmation, 2…Continue Reading