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FAQ | Orchiectomy | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, Will I still be orgasmic after orchiectomy?  I pass as a lady, just concerned.  How soon will I start to see changes?  Alysha

Dear Alysha,

We probably have done over 4000 orchiectomies for transgender patients.  Typically within a few weeks to 3 months, they’ll tell me, one called at 3 AM, they’ve just had their first post-orchiectomy orgasm,.  Your adrenal glands will still make some testosterone, that helps.  If you re a minor, you will need supporting letters from both parents as this is an irreversible procedure.  Additionally we require 2 letters of therapy clearance, both written by therapists with a doctoral degree.  Simply put, I wish to be assured that the likelihood or remorse or regret is exceedingly low.

I think you find our fee of $2,500 to include use of the operating room, local anesthesia with IV sedation and any followup care I provide, to be affordable.  Do plan on staying here for 3 days.  First day pre-op visit.  Next day bilateral orchiecotomy, and then convalesce for 1 to 2 days before going home.

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A bilateral orchiectomy will make it easier for estrogens to work and may have some feminizing effect

Two tables re: onset of estrogen feminizing effect, the latter from WPATH, Version VII.

Typical changes from estrogen (vary from person to person) Average timeline Effect of estrogen 1–3 months after • softening of skin starting estrogen • decrease in muscle mass and increase in body fat • redistribution of body fat to a more “feminine” pattern • decrease in sex drive • fewer instances of waking up with an erection or spontaneously having an erection; some MTFs also find their erections are less firm during sex, or can’t get erect at all • decreased ability to make sperm and ejaculatory fluid Gradual changes • nipple and breast growth (maximum change • slower growth of facial and body hair after 1–2 years • slowed or stopped “male”-pattern balding on estrogen) • decrease in testicular size Estrogen affects the entire body. It’s not possible to pick some changes and not others.


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Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami