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Would like a transgender orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Would like a transgender orchiectomy.  How does this differ from a regular orchiectomy?  Trinity

Dear Trinity,

Transgender orchiectomy in our practice whether being performed during transgender vaginoplasty or as a procedure unto itself involves the removal of the spermatic cord with high ligation.  High ligation refers to sub-inguinal removal of the testicle and cord as one unit.  One patient likened the cord to a tootsie roll and could not understand why her surgeon did not remove it.

Transgender orchiectomy takes between 15 and 20 minutes.  Closing a singular vertical 1 1/4″ incision in 3 layers provides for a very neat cosmetic result.  For your comfort a compressive dressing is applied which you should leave on for 2 days.  The use of a sheathed ice pack in the recovery room reduces bruising.

Please see before and after male to female bottom surgery pictures on our web-site


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
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Male to female transgender orchiectomy with vaginoplasty picture
(patient of Dr. Reed)

How soon can I expect changes with transgender bilateral orchiectomy?

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Transgender orchiectomy cost

Dr. Reed, What is the cost for transgender orchiectomy.  My therapist has recommended you.  How long do I have to stay?  Miribal Dear Miribal,  Our fee for transgender orchiectomy is $2,500 and that includes surgery, local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the facility and any followup care we provide.  We ask that you stay…Continue Reading

Need an orchiectomy to stop “washed out” effects of spironolactone and reduce estrogens

Dr. Reed, Need an orchiectomy to stop “washed out” effects of spironolactone and reduce estrogens.  Nichole Dear Nichole, We do several transgender orchiectomy (ies) every month.  As rule you can reduce your estrogen intake by a third and of course stop spironolactone (called Aldactone).  As estrogens are coagulopathic we ask that your stop estrogen for 1…Continue Reading

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Dr. Reed,  I have a very poor tolerance for spironolactone, makes me weak.  Would like an orchiectomy as soon as possible. Patricia Dear Patricia, Feminizing orchiectomy is irreversible surgery.  For that reason we require 2 letters of therapy clearance, one written by a therapist with a doctoral degree.  We have availability for orchiectomy just about…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Had an orchietomy. During vaginoplasty will you remove the spermatic cords?

Had an orchiectomy. During transgender vaginoplasty will you remove the spermatic cords? Sheila Dear Sheila, If you can feel the spermatic cords now (often referred to as a “tootsie roll“) surely, I will remove them, as the last question you want posed in an intimate situation is “what’s that?”  If I cannot feel them, I’d opt…Continue Reading

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Do you remove the spermatic cord when you do an orchiectomy and why?

Do you remove the spermatic cord when you do an orchiectomy and why?  Am considering having an affordable orchiectomy and a preliminary step to my male to female sexual transition. Krista Dear Krista, Yes, during MTF orchiectomies we remove the spermatic cord up to the external inguinal ring.  If not done, the cord remnant has…Continue Reading