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Would like a transgender orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Would like a transgender orchiectomy.  How does this differ from a regular orchiectomy?  Trinity

Dear Trinity,

Transgender orchiectomy in our practice whether being performed during transgender vaginoplasty or as a procedure unto itself involves the removal of the spermatic cord with high ligation.  High ligation refers to sub-inguinal removal of the testicle and cord as one unit.  One patient likened the cord to a tootsie roll and could not understand why her surgeon did not remove it.

Transgender orchiectomy takes between 15 and 20 minutes.  Closing a singular vertical 1 1/4″ incision in 3 layers provides for a very neat cosmetic result.  For your comfort a compressive dressing is applied which you should leave on for 2 days.  The use of a sheathed ice pack in the recovery room reduces bruising.

Please see before and after male to female bottom surgery pictures on our web-site


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Male to female transgender orchiectomy with vaginoplasty picture
(patient of Dr. Reed)

Transgender orchiectomy before vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed, Will transgender orchiectomy before vaginoplasty lessen my likelihood to achieve a good vaginal depth result later on using the penile skin inversion technique?  How much is orchiectomy? Sandra Dear Sandra, In my opinion and experience, orchiectomy has no effect on using scrotal skin as an extension to inverted penile skin.  Doctors who use…Continue Reading

Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy?   Jocelyn Dear Jocelyn, You’ll be happy to learn electrolysis is not required for orchiectomy.  Please don’t shave yourself before coming here.  Our incision is placed about 1 1/4″ long at most and done in the vertical mid line about 3/8″ below the emergence of the underside of the penis.…Continue Reading

Transgender orchiectomy preparation

Dr. Reed  Need a transgender orchiectomy.  What preparation is required for orchiectomy and when can I return to work?  Patricia Dear Patricia, Transgender orchiectomy, once you have adequate anesthesia, takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  You should initiate a consultation with our office, so I can review your medical history and verify that you have…Continue Reading

How soon can I expect changes with transgender bilateral orchiectomy?

How soon can I expect feminizing changes after bilateral orchiectomy?  Brittani Dear Brittani, The changes which occur assuming proper doses of estrogens (serum estrogen of about 125 to 150 pg/ml) are known and reported in WPATH version VII based on work by endocrinologist Dr. Hembree. Usually patients who schedule in with us for orchiectomy should…Continue Reading

MTF post op results, what can I expect

Dr. Reed, What can I expect in the way of MTF post op results?  Juana Dear Juana, Before and after MTF transtgender pictures and results are posted on our web-site in 4 locations.  On each site, scroll down to see before and after photos. We have had special interest in scrotectomy, and…Continue Reading

What do you require for male to female transgender orchiectomy?

Dr. Reed,  What do you require for male to female transgender orchiectomy?  Am a transgender woman and have living 24/7 for 5 years.  Fee for orchiectomy? Alysia Dear Alysia,  In that an orchiectomy is an irreversible procedure, we ask for 2 letters of therapy clearance written ideally by 2 therapists with doctoral degrees, or at least…Continue Reading

Traveling by car to the Reed Centre, best directions from Atlanta?

Dr. Reed, Can you provide directions to the Reed Centre?  Have an appointment this December for an orchiecitomy. My sister and I are driving from Atlanta. I have Emailed you my 2 letters of therapy clearance for transgender surgery. Dana Dear Dana, Google maps was kind enough to designate our office location with a highlighted red H icon. …Continue Reading

Transgender orchiectomy cost

Dr. Reed, What is the cost for transgender orchiectomy.  My therapist has recommended you.  How long do I have to stay?  Miribal Dear Miribal,  Our fee for transgender orchiectomy is $2,500 and that includes surgery, local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the facility and any followup care we provide.  We ask that you stay…Continue Reading

Transgender orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Need an orchiectomy.  Have been living as a transgender woman for 3 years (24/7) and would like to eliminate from my regimen spironolactone a testosterone blocker (also a diuretic which makes me weak)   How soon would you be available?.  Nelda Dear Nelda, Thank you for your interest in what we do, several orchiectomies…Continue Reading