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Need a vaginoplasty revision

Dr. Reed, had a vaginoplasty elsewhere and I am not happy with the result.  Leisa

Dear Leisa,

Vaginoplasty revisions are performed for unsightly scars, pouting urethras (urethral spongiosum rests), misplacement of the urethral opening and clitoris, lack of depth, and a vaginal opening that does not permit easy access.  Please Email some photos and recommendations will be made possibly even beyond what you notice.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami

6/1 - Patient presents with gaping introitus, labial laxity, no clitoral body, poorly defined labia minora. An upper pubic semi-circular skin resection scar represents attempt to tighten labia following original surgery.
Male to female Vaginoplasty picture (done elsewhere)

16/2 - Immediate status post-operatively (Reed Centre).
Male to female vaginoplasty revision picture (following surgery by Dr. Reed)


Can u sponsor me for a change change?

How much do it cost and can u sponsor me for a sex change. Britz Hi Britz, Yes, we will sponsor you for sex change with a compassionate discount of several thousand dollars. Obviously you need to be a surgical candidate with 2 letters of therapy clearance.  Call our office and let’s talk. Cordially, Harold…Continue Reading

Finally ready for Transgender vaginoplasty, is December promotion still on?

Dr. Reed,  Finally ready for Transgender vaginoplasty, is December promotion still on?  A sponsor (member of my family) is not only helping me but will come down during my stay.  Desirée Dear Desirée, Yes, the male to female transgender promotion is active.  You can initiate consultation now as long as you’re contemplating surgery to follow.  Please speak with Anne,…Continue Reading

Will my transgender MTF vagina be moist? (FAQ) Dr. Reed | The Reed Centre | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Will my transgender vagina be moist.  Dora Dear Dora, Yes, in that the vulva area is formed from the urethra which elaborates some moisture.  Also some of our transgender female patients elaborate some pre-ejaculation moisture as they did before surgery when aroused.  Oral sex and some KY jelly may be needed to supplement.…Continue Reading

Photographic examples of Transgender Surgery | The Reed Centre | Miami

Hi Dr. Reed, Some of my friends have mentioned your transgender surgery experience.  Would like to see some before and after MTF transgender surgery photos.  Do You have a link to your web-site?  Britanny   PS happy to travel to Miami (stay in the good ole USA) Dear Britanny, Before and after photos of our…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Anal Sex before and after Sex reassignment vaginoplasty | Dr. Harold M. Reed | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dr. Reed,  I have been a transgender woman for 6 years and have been pleasing my boyfriend with anal sex.  Is this a good idea in that I am considering transsexual male to female vaginoplasty?  Sarah Dear Sarah, We do not recommend anal sex for at least 8 weeks before surgery as this tends to…Continue Reading

Transgender Vagina Surgery (FAQ) | Dr. Harold M. Reed | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dr. Reed, A friend who had a transgender orchiectomy with you has told me of your astonishing promotion.  The Reed Centre is offering the next 5 medically qualified patients MTF vaginoplasty surgery for $8,500 to include surgery, use of the operating room, anesthesia, 2 shifts of private duty RN nurses and myself in attendance overnight,…Continue Reading

Post op SRS photos (FAQ) | Dr. Harold M. Reed | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dr. Reed,  I am 4 months post transgender vaginoplasty done elsewhere and am concerned because I am not orgasmic and have no erogenous area.  The labia do not seem to be symmetrical.  Do you have any post-op SRS photos?  Evelyn Dear Evelyn, I can say with great confidence among our 2000 cases of transgender vaginoplasty…Continue Reading

Getting ready for an orchiectomy

Dr. Reed,  When may I schedule in for an orchiectomy.  Been living as a transgender woman for 4 years.  My therapist says she is willing to write a letter. Are there any special requirements?  Marlene Dear Marlene, For your transgender orchietomy 2 letters of therapy clearance are required, both written by therapists with doctoral degrees…Continue Reading

How long does it take to qualify for your sexual vaginoplasty promotion?

Dr. Reed, My therapist of 4 years has called me to mention she has seen your vaginoplasty promotion offer for $8,500.  I am given to understand there are 5 positions open at that price.  What is required to qualify.  Denise Dear Denise, Very simply send us an Email to and tell us about your…Continue Reading