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Transgender orchiectomy cost

Dr. Reed, What is the cost for transgender orchiectomy.  My therapist has recommended you.  How long do I have to stay?  Miribal

Dear Miribal,  Our fee for transgender orchiectomy is $2,500 and that includes surgery, local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the facility and any followup care we provide.  We ask that you stay at a nearby hotel for an additional 2 days of convalescence before travel.  Ideally, you should have a female friend or spouse with you at the hotel.

We do both sides through a singular 1 1/2 inch vertical scrotal incision.  The spermatic cord is also removed which helps to reduce scrotal mass (easier to tuck) and also the “tootsie roll” effect.  As a result you can typically lower your estrogen intake by a third and stop spironolactone.  Do stop estrogen intake for a month before the orchiectomy.

Needed are 2 letters of therapy clearance, lab work, and possible medical clearance if you are 40 years of age or older. visit our web-site for befofre and after transgender pictures.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


after transgender vaginoplasty picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

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