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Can u sponsor me for a change change?

How much do it cost and can u sponsor me for a sex change. Britz

Hi Britz, Yes, we will sponsor you for sex change with a compassionate discount of several thousand dollars. Obviously you need to be a surgical candidate with 2 letters of therapy clearance.  Call our office and let’s talk.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami

Example #1: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery

Male to female vaginoplasty picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy?   Jocelyn Dear Jocelyn, You’ll be happy to learn electrolysis is not required for orchiectomy.  Please don’t shave yourself before coming here.  Our incision is placed about 1 1/4″ long at most and done in the vertical mid line about 3/8″ below the emergence of the underside of the penis.…Continue Reading

Am 5’7″ and weigh 280 pounds, would like male to female transgender bottom surgery

Another doctor told me, if I were 165 pounds, she’d operate.  I’ve never weighed 165 pounds in my life.  Rita Dear Rita,  Your BMI now is 43.9.  BMI ranges are underweight below 20, normal weight about 20 to 25, overweight 25 to 30, and obese 30 plus. Your are morbidly obese and this poses a…Continue Reading

Any holiday male to female transgender promotions?

Dr. Reed,  Any holiday male to female transgender promotions?  I am a transgendered woman and am ready with letters from 2 therapists.  Carmen Dear Carmen, You are our first Carmen and that alone makes you special.  Please read over the info sent to you by Email.  Then call Anne at the office on Tuesday January 2nd…Continue Reading

MTF post op results, what can I expect

Dr. Reed, What can I expect in the way of MTF post op results?  Juana Dear Juana, Before and after MTF transtgender pictures and results are posted on our web-site in 4 locations.  On each site, scroll down to see before and after photos. We have had special interest in scrotectomy, and…Continue Reading

Transgender orchiectomy cost

Dr. Reed, What is the cost for transgender orchiectomy.  My therapist has recommended you.  How long do I have to stay?  Miribal Dear Miribal,  Our fee for transgender orchiectomy is $2,500 and that includes surgery, local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the facility and any followup care we provide.  We ask that you stay…Continue Reading

FAQ Orchiectomy | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Researching having an MTF orchiectomy I am a transgender woman, 50 years of age, and would like to reduce my estrogen intake and well as discontinuing spironolactone (Aldactone).  Any recommendations? Geena Dear Geena, As a rule after an orchiectomy you can reduce your estrogen intake by a third, and of course stop the spironolactone.  This…Continue Reading

Waiting for male to female SRS vaginoplasty surgery

hi… I will tell you my situation… I started HRT and transitioned five years ago. in about a month (pause to pray that this will happen) I should have an appointment for facial feminization surgery. at this point I only have to wait for my therapist to write a letter. I planned to have SRS as…Continue Reading

Seeking an MTF sex change vaginoplasty, what is meant by Promotional Rate?

Dear Dr. Reed, Have been living for 3 years 24/7 as a female, studying nursing and use the lady”s bathroom.  I see on your web-site mention of a Promotional rate.  Please tell me what’s involved and the soonest I can schedule in?    I think you’ll find all my papers are in order and you…Continue Reading

Seeking sponsor for my transgender vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed, Do you now of any organization or people who are available to sponsor a transgender vaginoplasty. Marla, Dear Marla, Funding for transgender vaginoplasty is secured in many ways, but first seek a doctor who you feel confident in, based upon photos of his or he work, comments of other patients, trans support sites,…Continue Reading