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Orchiectomy under local – Dr Reed – Miami

Dr. Reed, Can you do a sex change orchiectomy under local and will it be painful?


Dear Marianne,

Yes most of our orchiectomies for gender confirmation surgery are done under local with IV sedation.  You will be awake, but it will be like you had 3 martinis.  First we apply numbing cream and wait about 15 minutes, then slowly inject local anesthesia numbing both the cords and incisional area, and wait another 15 minutes.  I doubt you’ll feel anything.  At this time we have done to close 2000 orchiectomies.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Orchiectomy with scrotal removal |Miami |Dr. Harold Reed

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Orchiectomy in Miami

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Would like to be included in your first 16 in 2016 promotion

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Need a charitable orchiectomy

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Orchiectomy for SRS patients

Dear Dr. Reed,  I have been living as a woman for 3 years and while I cannot afford full vaginoplasty would like to book an orchiectomy with your office as you have done 3 of my friends.  Any availabilties for this February?  What about hormones?    Do you know the procedure code for bilaterla orchiectomy?…Continue Reading

srs promotion for 2016

Dr. Reed, Saw your new promotion for 2016.  How do I go about getting a surgical date? Melissa, Dear Melissa, First send an Email to  Include your name, address, and phone number along with the procedure you are interested in.  We’ll send you a packet of information.  If you believe you are a surgical…Continue Reading

Looking for MTF financial assistance

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Sex change male to female

Dr. Reed, I have thought of myself as a woman since I was a child and am now 21 and would like a sex change male to female.   I hear that you have affordable fees and follow the patient daily for 7 days after surgery.  I have looked at your photos, I live in Iowa…Continue Reading

Vaginoplasty, how long to heal?

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