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MTF Surgery Fee

Dr. Reed,  What is your MTF vaginoplasty fee?  Will insurance pay for male to female surgery?  Do you provide discounts to needy patients?  Amantha

Dear Amantha,

Our MTF vaginoplasty fee is posted on our web-site  We can offer individual consideration and be very compassionate. Please see before and after pictures of our vaginoplasty patients, both done here and well as revisions oi surgery initially done elsewhere.  There should be many considerations in selecting a surgeon to do your vaginoplasty.  One is reputation (is there a consensus that the doctor is experienced, dedicated, compassionate, accessible, follows his patients closely and is technically proficient).  Next are we talking just about the surgical fee, or also included anesthesia and facility fee?    Is the proximity of the doctor’s practice to where you live important?  Is it better to to pay more money but have a doctor in your home town or home state?  Next, accessibility to the doctor himself or herself.  Is the doctor readily available most times if you need to talk to the doctor or are you triaged off to the front desk, or nurse practitioner, or physicians assistant, worse even answering service.

Next let’s talk about insurance.  How many insurance companies do you think will accept a one month’s premium and then dole out several thousand dollars to fund your surgery.  Most insurance companies pay the doctor about 10 to 15% of a typical fee.  Don’t be fooled by the words “we pay for transsexual surgery“: because any office will want to know what they are being paid, is the insurance company a fast pay, or are they looking for any excuse possible to delay payment.  Will they pay you directly to reimburse you for what you paid the doctor.  For sure then you’ll ask “how much will I be getting?”

Do your “due diligence”, look around, factor in all the common sense issues, maybe get a sponsor, friend or relative to help you establish a pleasant and trusting relationship with your surgeon and proceed.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

MTF Vaginoplasty patient of Dr. Reed



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