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Post-Op Transgender Genitalia, Photographic Examples – The Reed Centre

Dr. Reed, How close does your post-op transgender genitalia approximate natal female vagina?  Daliah

Dear Daliah,

Creating credible transgender genitalia should be the goal of every transgender surgeon.  This is not just about male genital ablation.  Our goals are to provide a labia majora, labia minora, sensate clitoris, with clitoral hood, a urethral opening that lets you void down, a lubricious vagina with respectable vaginal depth.  To do this carefully takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to 4 1/2 hours.  Post-op transgender care is also important to facilitate optimal wound healing.

Lastly we have to be accessible to you, should any questions or concerns arise.  You don’t want prompts, infomercials, music on hold, or an answering service.

Please look at before and after transgender vaginoplasty pictures on our web-site srsMiamicom  Hope you like what you see.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


Post-op transgender female genitalia (patient of Dr. Reed)


Post-op transgender female genitalia (patient of Dr. Reed)

Preparing to transition from male to female | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

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Will I be orgasmic after MTF male to female vaginoplasty

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For Male to Female Surgery, need consultation

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Male to female surgery inquiry from California

I am seeking male to female surgery and have seen your gender reassignment pictures before and after on  I have been on hormones for 4 years and living full time for 3 years. I have completed my WPATH requirements. Specific_Questions: I am looking for just SRS, and my therapist in California says you specialize…Continue Reading

Diabetic and HIV positive patient seeks MTF sex change

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Transgender woman seeking hormones for MTF

I am a transgender woman I AM NOT ON HOREMONES I HAVE JUST STARTED BUT MY BF IS WILLING TO HELP Jazlyn Hi Jazlyn, We do MTF hormones. A letter of therapy clearance is required by a licensed therapist with a doctoral degree. Our fee is 250 for consultation, and 600 per year to follow…Continue Reading

Affordable Vaginoplasty in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  Am seeking an Affordable Vaginoplasty in Miami with you hopefully this October. Where do you do the surgery. Renee Dear Renee, Affordable Vaginoplasty is available at the Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery. Please visit our web-site and see before and after photographs of our Sexual Reassignment Surgery.  If for any reason…Continue Reading

Heard about your $ 4000 MTF vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed, Is your promotion for a $4000 vaginoplasty at the Reed Centre still available? Carolyn Dear Carolyn, Yes.  Please note that this is a surgical fee. Do check with other experienced transgender surgeons regarding their surgical fee.  We also have to pay for facility expenses which include anesthesia, 2 shifts of RN nurses, and…Continue Reading

Need labiaplasty for MTF done elsewhere

Dr. Reed, Had my MTF vaginoplasty abroad and the labia seem to be uneven and drooping.  The clitoris looks high and needs better hooding.  The urinary stream  projects forwards rather than down.  Can all this be corrected at one time? Rebecca Dear Rebecca,  Thank you for your interest in what we do and visiting our web-site…Continue Reading