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Many questions on Metoidioplasty, Testicle Implants, and Colpocleisis

Good morning Byron,

Answering your thoughtful questions regardiong metoidioplasty in the order posed….

1. The price for metoidioplasty The surgery, Anesthetic, use of facility and aftercare you quoted is $12,500 US dollars correct?


2.  So does this include some accommodation for patients that just had the surgery?
Because the likelihood is I will be there by myself with no one to take care of me.
So is there nurses that will look after and place to stay and heal for say few weeks
and this is included in the price? And there won’t be any extra hospital costs for patients from overseas?

Surgery is done on an outpatient basis after which you will be transferred to the Daddy O Hotel,
one block away.  There rates can vary from $100 a day to higher depending upon season.
I will see you there daily.  Breakfasts are free and food can be brought into the room.
You will need a nurse or attendant the first 24 hours, and this is on you,.   Could range from $15 to 40
an hour depending upon the experience of the nurse.or attendant.

3.   Colpocleisis (closure of the vaginal cavity)?

Colpocleisis has to be done as an independent procedure prior to metoidioplasty.  Our fee for that is
about $4,800 which includes anesthesia and followup care.  You would probably have 1 week of
post op time here for followup.  Then allow a few months for healing before metoidioplasty.

4.  Testicular implants?

Testicular implants are not included are not included in metoidioplasty and while could be done
at the same time, it is a lot wiser not to combine procedures the implants may be more prone to infection.

5.  Venue for surgery

The surgery will be taken place in this address: The Reed Center,  And it is at this address:1111 Kane Concourse,
Suite # 311, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154-2041

Assuming you are a low risk medical patient, you can be done at our facility, otherwise you can be done
at a nearby hospital.

6  The surgery is conducted by: Dr. Harold Reed himself?

Yes, with assistants of course.

7. I am on a waiting list to getting my hysterectomy but i have a feeling she might end up doing the full cut,
cause I still have not met any patients who have not had the full cut. Is it possible for someone to have
a hysterectomy and a Colpocleisis and a metoidioplasty with testicular implants all in one surgery?

If you look hard enough, you may find a doctor who will do everything at once.  At hospital morbidity meetings,
a senior urologist might comment… “you were very brave with your patient”, meaning
the simultaneous surgery was ill-advised.

8  Can I do the consultation over the phone?

Yes, our fee is $300 and provides for many telephone calls, review of records, and E-mails.

9.  Do you require photos of my current what I have?

Yes, definitely.

Please understand fees mentioned are good only for 1 month and may change with time.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.


Metoidioplasty with testicle implants

3/2 Urethral meatus (pinched) out in normal position in glans. Awaiting second stage hook up for stand to void.

Metoidioplasty patientr


Metoidioplasty patient voiding