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Need an orchiectomy to stop “washed out” effects of spironolactone and reduce estrogens

Dr. Reed, Need an orchiectomy to stop “washed out” effects of spironolactone and reduce estrogens.  Nichole

Dear Nichole,

We do several transgender orchiectomy (ies) every month.  As rule you can reduce your estrogen intake by a third and of course stop spironolactone (called Aldactone).  As estrogens are coagulopathic we ask that your stop estrogen for 1 month before surgery.  2 letters of therapy clearance are required as this is an irreversible procedure.  You may also wish to give some thought to sperm banking if procreation in the future may be a consideration.

If you are married, we ask that your spouse approves of orchiectomy.  Loss of consortium is always a concern.

Please see before and after transgender pictures on our web-site


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Male to female transgender after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)



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