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After male to female vaginoplasty, how many days should I stay in Miami?

Dr. Reed, After male to female vaginoplasty, how many days should I stay in Miami? Victoria

Dear Victoria,  Quick answer: at least 7 days.  Surgery is the “zero day”.  A good (cosmetic and functional) vaginoplasty result starts out with a lot of preparation.  Ask your surgeon for a detailed information packet describing all the details.  You will need 2 letters of therapy clearance based upon age of ideation, how long you have been living 24/7 as a woman, the remote possibility of remorse, emotionally stable personality, initial phone consultation with your surgeon.  Your age, height weight conformation, allergies, medical history, bleeding tendency, family or your personal history of reaction to anesthetic medications or fever with exercise may suggestion malignant hyperthermia potential.

About 6 weeks before surgery you will need some blood tests such as a CBC with platelet count, PT and PTT (or APTT).  Please stop estrogens one month before surgery as they are coagulopathic and stop testosterone blockers such as spironolactone 2 weeks before surgery.

Consider lower pubic hair, penile hair and scrotal hair removal by electrolysis or laser.

electrolysis diagram

Meet with your doctor well before surgery if possible and review informed consents and ask questions.  Best to be accompanied by a signification other or family member who ideally will be staying with you after surgery. Plan on a minimum on an overnight stay whether you are staying with us or at the hospital.  I will see you daily for a week.

On the third post op day, we will remove your outer dressing and you’ll have a chance to take a peek.  A fresh dressing will be applied.  Your drain is typically removed on the 5th post op day.  Take a pain pill about 1 hour before.  On the 7th day, we’ll see you at the office and remove your vaginal packing and show you how to use vaginal dilators.  That’s why it’s important to have a surrogate with you, to be sure you are inserting them properly.

Your urinary catheter comes out on the 12th post-op day.  You will need to use a ring pillow when you sit for weeks to avoid putting pressure directly on your incision lines.  You’ll be given emergency contact phone numbers for immediate access.

Please visit our web-site srsMiami/vaginoplasty (scroll down) for before and after vaginoplasty pictures


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Male to female vaginoplasty picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


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