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Will my transgender MTF vagina be moist? (FAQ) Dr. Reed | The Reed Centre | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Will my transgender vagina be moist.  Dora

Dear Dora,

Yes, in that the vulva area is formed from the urethra which elaborates some moisture.  Also some of our transgender female patients elaborate some pre-ejaculation moisture as they did before surgery when aroused.  Oral sex and some KY jelly may be needed to supplement.  Estrogen creams applied to your inverted penile skin may also enhance production of lubrication as surprisingly there are estrogen receptors in all penile skin.  This was established by sending out even circumcision specimens for histologic staining.

Please look at ou web-site for pictures of some very moist (lubricated) vaginas. Batteries are not included.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami



Transgender vagina moisture lubrication (patient of Dr. Reed)

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Transgender vagina moisture lubrication (patient of Dr. Reed)