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MTF orchiectomy

Will an MTF orchieictomy effect vaginal depth when I return for a vagionoplasty. Karen?

Dear Karen,
An MTF orchiectomy will leave plenty of scrotum for vaginal depth extension, should you need that.  You’ll find tucking easier and may look more feminine below the waist with tight fitting slacks or sportswear.

I believe our MTF orchiectomy fee is the most affordable in the United States.  The fee includes anesthesia, use of the facility and followup care.  You will also receive an added discount on your MTF vagnioplasty  

Please look at for male to female before and after pictures.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami


Male to Female Transgender Vaginoplasty Revision needed

Dr. Reed,  Had a transgender vaginoplasty done here (in the USA) with many problems and underwent revision but still do not have a vagina capable of entry by my boyfriend. who is normal sized.  Can E-mail you some photos which show how I looked aftrer the first, and lateropn after reivision .  Marcia Dear Marcia,…Continue Reading