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Experience with secondary Intestinal (colonic) vaginoplasty

(from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, April 2016)
Long-Term Follow-Up of Transgender Women After Secondary Intestinal Vaginoplasty.
van der Sluis WB1, Bouman MB2, de Boer NK3, Buncamper ME2, van Bodegraven AA4, Neefjes-Borst EA5, Kreukels BP6, Meijerink WJ7, Mullender MG2.
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Intestinal vaginoplasty with a sigmoid colon or ileal segment is an established surgical technique for vaginal reconstruction. Little has been reported on long-term (functional) outcome and postoperative quality of life.

To assess the surgical and long-term psychological outcomes of secondary intestinal vaginoplasty performed from 1970 through 2000 in transgender women.

Transgender women who underwent intestinal vaginoplasty from 1970 through 2000 were identified from our hospital registry. Demographics, surgical characteristics, complications, and reoperations were recorded. Traceable women were invited to fill out a set of questionnaires (quality-of-life questionnaire, Female Sexual Function Index, Amsterdam Hyperactive Pelvic Floor Scale for Women, Female Genital Self-Imaging Scale, and self-evaluation of vaginoplasty questionnaire) and attend the outpatient clinic for physical, endoscopic, and histologic examination of the neovagina.

Primary outcomes were complications, reoperations, self-perceived quality of life, and functional and esthetic self-evaluation.

Twenty-four transgender women were identified who underwent intestinal vaginoplasty as a secondary procedure from 1970 through 2000. There were no intraoperative complications. Three intestinal neovaginas were surgically removed because of postoperative complications. Nineteen women (79%) underwent at least one genital reoperation, most commonly introitus plasty (n = 13, 54%). Five women were deceased at time of analysis. Nine women consented to partake in the study (median age = 58 years, range = 50-73; median postoperative time = 29.6 years, range = 17.2-34.3). They were generally satisfied with life and scored 5.9 of 7 on a subjective happiness scale. Neovaginal functionality was rated as 7.3 and appearance as 7.4 of 10.

In our institution, intestinal vaginoplasty before 2000 was always performed as a revision procedure after a previous vaginoplasty had failed. Although surgical corrections were frequently necessary, women reported satisfaction with the surgical outcome and with life in general.

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Gender Affirming Surgery; Gender Dysphoria; Intestinal Vaginoplasty; Quality of Life; Sex Reassignment Surgery; Surgery; Transgendered Persons; Vaginoplasty


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