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Do you know of any transgender surgeon who accepts United Healthcare?

Dr. Reed, Do you know of any transgender surgeon whom accepts United Healthcare?  Lorraine

Dear Lorraine,
May I offer a few suggestions.  Call a customer representative at United Healthcare (you’re their customer) and ask if they have a list.  Transgender procedures have specific codes and surely they can research which physicians are billing for those codes.
Next keep in mind after all is said and done, you want a transgender surgeon who posts samples of their work on their web-site.  So many don’t for “good reasons.”
3.  Find out if a hospital where transgender surgery is performed accepts United Healthcare.  If they do, the surgeon  (who doesn’t) may reduce his/her fee because the facility expenses and anesthe
sia expense is already covered (by United Healthcare).
4.  If this fails, call your favorite surgeons and ask for compassionate pricing.
5.  Please keep in mind that 50% of our patients come in with a sponsor, could be Mom or Dad, a family member, a spouse, lover, significant other, church group or business partner.  Don’t be an isolationist, use your social skills.  If you say “I have nobody”, you’re the first person that needs to hear that and ask ?why?.
I will never forget a Mom (sponsor) who said to me I thought I gave birth to 3 girls and 2 boys, but soon realized I was mistaken, I gave birth to 4 girls and 1 boy.
Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami


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Male to female picture transgender bottom surgery (patient of Dr. Reed)


Male to female picture transgender bottom surgery (patient of Dr. Reed)