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Had tummy tuck after vaginoplasty and now my urethra and vulva are elevated

Dr. Reed,
Had a MTF feminzing vaginoplasty about 2 years ago and a tummy tuck 2 months ago.  Happy with the tummy tuck, but now my urinary stream is very high, and I am thinking my entire vulva and clitoris seems elevated.  Any thoughts?  Am peeing on the rim of my toilet seat.  Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

I am thinking what your plastic surgeon should have done is undermine the pubic skin, or not taken off as much.

Yes, remove overhanging abdominal skin and fat (big time) as needed. Based upon your pictures we can re-site the urethral meatus (opening) lower, called a urethroplasty) as well as the clitoris.  Please visit our web-site srsMiamii and look for before and after photos of vaginoplasty revisions.



Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

13/1 - Pre-op

Before picture (revision of vaginoplasty)

13/2 - – Post-op: Introitus (vaginal opening) restored, redundant / pouting urethral spongiosum tissue resected, anterior commissure and clitoral hood developed after clitoral recession. Left lower labial scar will need to be revised.

After picture (revision of vaginoplasty by Dr. Reed)