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How important is pubic and scrotal hair removal before vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed, I am concerned about the added cost and delay of hair removal before my transgender vaginoplasty.  Otherwise ready to schedule in right now. Do you prefer laser or electrolysis? Nelda

Dear Nelda,

Please have hair removal done before vaginoplasty surgery.  Tugging on pubic hair in your vagina during sex is not pleasant, and may also be distracting to your partner as well. Natal women do not have hair immediately over the clitoral area.ScreenShot462

Below is a photo of pubic hair growing our of a vaginoplasty patient who had a “scraping” done during vaginoplasty.


You may ask should I have laser vs. electrolysis for vaginoplasty hair removal? We tend to favor electrolysis preceded by local anesthesia so higher settings can be used. Lees chance of regrowth.  Below is a diagram of the area we would like to see devoid of hair.


Hoping this is of help.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Center for Transgender Surgery




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Is electrolysis or laser necessary for sex change MTF vaginoplasty?

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