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Vaginoplasty catheter is causing “bladder spasms”

Dr. Reed,  Is this normal, feel like I’ve got to pee.


Dear Veronica,

Yes, this is entirely normal, and if you could lift the ceiling off of the recovery room at Mount Sinai Hospital, 1/3 of patients (all with a catheter) are telling the nurse they got to pee real bad.  We use a lubricious catheters, should produce less irritation and strictures, but a catheter and its retention balloon are a foreign body, and the bladder wants to expel it.  Symptoms of voiding around the catheter and wetting a perineal dressing are all part of the problem.  We recommend Ditropan 10 mg XL but there are other drugs as well.  We keep catheters in for 12 days, because worse than an indwelling catheter is removing it too early and the patient cannot urinate.  They are now traveling back home.  Can you imagine.  Dr. Reed post op is free, the next doctor or ER is not.

Sometimes if urethral surgery or repair is done, we may leave a catheter in for 2 weeks.


Harold M. Reed. M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami