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Had male to female vaginoplasty and only 2″ of depth. Help, please. Myra

Dr. Reed,  Had a male to female vaginoplasty 2 years ago and now my depth is only 2 inches.  Myra

Dear Myra,

We do male to female vaginoplasty revisions for vaginal depth several times a year.  If you had reasonably good depth after your surgery, but did not dilate a few times a day, or was banking on an inconsistent sexual relationship, nature will close the space over weeks to months.

Often the vaginal space can be re-opened with vaginal dilations starting with narrow stents (diameter of handle or shank – 3/4″).  Estrogen cream often improves vascularity of the vagina and may make stretching of inner skin easier. Please go to our web-sites and to see before and after male to female sex change (vaginoplasty) pictures.  We want you to have a good cosmetic and functional result.

If this does not work, we can reopen the space with a non-grafted technique.  The medical term for closure of the vagina is called vaginal atresia. An article we published 2 years ago can be referenced …

Non-grafted Vaginal Depth Augmentation for Transgender Atresia, Our Experience and Survey of Related Procedures by Harold M. Reed, Rafael E. Yanes, Joan C. Delto, Yumna Omarzai & Kailee Imperatore  (87 references)  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ISSN 0364-216X Aesth Plast Surg DOI 10.1007/s00266-015-0523-7  2015


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Male to female sex change (vaginoplasty) picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


Male to female sex change (vaginoplasty) picture showing moist vulva (patient of Dr. Reed)

15/3 Her depth now is 5 1/2" and gaining. Able to have penetrable sex. She is one of 30 or more patients we have done so far. Routine dilation is emphasized

Male to female sex change (vaginoplasty) dilation picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

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Dear Dr. Reed,  Need more vaginal depth. Had a vaginoplasty elsewhere 2 years ago and was able to dilate to about 5 1/2 inches (second from the last dot).  I didn’t realize how important vaginal dilation was, became somewhat asexual, and now my depth is about 3 to 4 inches at best.  Any suggestions. Linda Dear Linda, For vaginal depth, dilation 3 times a day after vaginoplasty or…Continue Reading

Vaginoplasty dilation disability

D. Reed, Unable to dilate after my vaginoplasty elsewhere.  Darlene Dear Darlene, There are many reasons for inability to dilate after vaginoplasty.  While  prevailing suibject could be called “vaginal atresia“, the matter is often relates  to the location of the vaginal opening or introitus.  The opening must be under the pubic bone and about 3 finger breadths above the anal…Continue Reading

FAQ Vaginal Depth lost after Vaginoplasty | Dr. Reed | The Reed Centre

Dr. Reed, Had a transgender vagionoplasty about 8 years ago elsewhere and now have less that 2 inches of vaginal depth.  The opening is not very wide. Certainly not suitable for sex.  Charlene Dear Charlene, We see patients with loss of transgender vaginal depth frequently.  Another term is called vaginal atresia.  Our approach has been called “non-grafted vaginoplasty”…Continue Reading

Transgender woman wants to restore vaginal depth

Dear Dr. Reed,  Had a vaginoplasty about 3 years ago and could dilate to about 5 1/2 inches (second from the last dot).  I didn’t realize how important vaginal dilation was, became somewhat asexual, an now my depth is about 3 to 4 inches at best.  Any suggestions. Brittni Dear Brittni, Dilation 3 times a day after…Continue Reading

Male to Female Transgender Vaginoplasty Revision needed

Dr. Reed,  Had a transgender vaginoplasty done here (in the USA) with many problems and underwent revision but still do not have a vagina capable of entry by my boyfriend. who is normal sized.  Can E-mail you some photos which show how I looked aftrer the first, and lateropn after reivision .  Marcia Dear Marcia,…Continue Reading

Lost vaginal depth after vaginoplasty elsewhere

Had a vaginoplasty a few years ago, will need more vaginal depth for normal penetrating sex . I have a serious boyfriend and we have not been able to make it happen.  Beverly Dear Beverly, Dilating after vaginoplasty regardless of how it was done is essential.  I have attached an article which was published 2…Continue Reading

Do you do one stage MTF vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed,  I am a transgendered woman and live in Oklahoma.  I am hoping you can do a so called one stage vaginoplasty.  Your fees are very affordable but getting time off from work requires some planning, and of course there’s the cost savings. Nancy Dear Nancy, Last year we have shifted to one stage…Continue Reading

lost depth after Vaginoplasty elsewhere and skin graft didn’t work

I’ve had GRS (MTF) surgery in Philadelphia back in May. I was wondering if you can perform a surgery to help with lost vaginoplasty depth? A another doctor in Florida tried to fix a skin graft and made things worse. Let me know, Roberta Dear Roberta, The natal female pelvis has many suspensory ligaments and…Continue Reading

Male to Female Vaginoplasty space closed and wishes revision

Dear Dr. Reed, Had a sex change vaginoplasty about 3 years ago and didn’t take dilating seriously.  Maybe it’s my imagination but the space seems to have closed “overnight.” Is that possible and what can be done.  Finally met a decent man who wants to go all the way.   Need vaginal depth Nelda Dear…Continue Reading