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Transgender Vagina Surgery (FAQ) | Dr. Harold M. Reed | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dr. Reed, A friend who had a transgender orchiectomy with you has told me of your astonishing promotion.  The Reed Centre is offering the next 5 medically qualified patients MTF vaginoplasty surgery for $8,500 to include surgery, use of the operating room, anesthesia, 2 shifts of private duty RN nurses and myself in attendance overnight, and 7 days of daily visits. When was this initiated and have all 5 places already been filled. I would assume you’d take the ad off your home page if so. Yuliha

Dear Yuliha,
Although contemplated a few weeks ago to be helpful during these challenging economic times, I can tell you, there are opportunities available for medically qualified patients.  That means 2 letters of therapy clearance, at least one written by a therapist with a doctoral degree, good height weight conformation, and your review of our letter we send to all prospective patients.  Please Email us for that

While you are on the web, please look at post op srs photos posted on our web-site  Hope you like what you see.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


Post-op transgender genitalia photo (patient of Dr. Reed)


My therapist told me about your new MTF vaginoplasty promotion

August 13, 2017 Dr. Reed, Please confirm your MTF vaginoplasty promotion.  Myra Dear Myra,  The vaginoplasty promotion is is simply this… The Reed Centre is offering the next 5 medically qualified patients MTF vaginoplasty surgery for $8,500 to include surgery, use of the operating room, anesthesia, 2 shifts of private duty RN nurses and myself…Continue Reading

If you cannot afford vaginoplasty fees, we may be able to help

Dear Reed,  Am looking at various established transsexual male to female vaginoplasty surgery centers and cannot afford their high fees. I am living on a marginal income, making barely  enough to cover a small apartment, an older car which I use for limited travel, and out of pocket necessities. Carol Dear Carol, If you cannot afford transgender MTF…Continue Reading

Will you accept my insurance for transgender MTF vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed, Do you accept insurance for transgender MTF vaginoplasty?  Marilyn Dear Marilyn, If your insurance company is accepted by our hospital, we will reduce our fees by several thousand dollars, as this will defray the facility fee and cost of anesthesia.  We do not accept insurance, but note that some doctors starting out with…Continue Reading

Will you accept insurance for MTF vaginoplasty?

Dr. Reed, Will you take my insurance for MTF vaginoplasty.  I saw your MTF vaginoplasty before and after pictures and would like you to be my transgender surgeon. Zirconia Dear Zirconia, While we are not contracted providers with any insurance company, meaning we will not allow them to determine our surgical fee and (yes) take…Continue Reading

Promotional offer for vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed,  Have been to your web-site and like your work.  My income is limited and would like to know if you are going to have any promotional vaginal grants or offers like you had last year. Natasha Dear Natasha, Compassionate vaginoplasty fees or offers should be available from all surgeons, after all you…Continue Reading

Male to Female transition before and after photos to show my therapist

Dr. Reed, I am a 38 year old transgender woman.  My therapist and I are discussing a few transgender surgeons in the United States for consideration.  She has told me very few transgender surgeons show before and after photos of their work on the Internet.  Not sure why.  Several thoughts come to mind, but if…Continue Reading

Need some economic help to achieve transsexual MTF vaginoplasty

Dear Dr. Reed,   52yr old TS needing an affordable transsexual vaginoplasty with some health issues. Hep C (low viral load of 24000) being the biggest. With hormones Injections affecting my liver and a young 7yr old daughter to care for. With the situation with my age, health, the economy and current life issues. My…Continue Reading

SRS MTF Grant program

Dr. Reed, Please forward info on your SRS grant program. I read about it on one of the yahoo lists and I’m intrigued. I am 53 years old, Hormones and RLT since Jan 2001. I changed my name in 1996 and all of my documentation is correct and up to date. I had breast augmentation…Continue Reading

Any Vaginoplasty promotions available for this fall?

Dr. Reed,  Your prices seem to be among the lowest of any transgender sugeron in the US. I’d like to be done as soon as possible.  I am barely squeaking by.  What can you do to help?   Nikki   PS I can fax or scan you my therapy letters. Dear Nikki,  Although this fall is…Continue Reading