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Need a vaginoplasty revision

Dr. Reed, had a vaginoplasty elsewhere and I am not happy with the result.  Leisa

Dear Leisa,

Vaginoplasty revisions are performed for unsightly scars, pouting urethras (urethral spongiosum rests), misplacement of the urethral opening and clitoris, lack of depth, and a vaginal opening that does not permit easy access.  Please Email some photos and recommendations will be made possibly even beyond what you notice.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami

6/1 - Patient presents with gaping introitus, labial laxity, no clitoral body, poorly defined labia minora. An upper pubic semi-circular skin resection scar represents attempt to tighten labia following original surgery.
Male to female Vaginoplasty picture (done elsewhere)

16/2 - Immediate status post-operatively (Reed Centre).
Male to female vaginoplasty revision picture (following surgery by Dr. Reed)


Transgender vaginal depth, how to restore

Dr. Reed, Am a transgendered woman and had expectations of a deep and functional vagina.  While I had been instructed to dilate daily or wear a soft mold, I was not very consistent. What are the options now?  Narabeth Dear Narabeth, Vaginal depth is a given for intimacy.  Be of good cheer as there may…Continue Reading

Experience with secondary Intestinal (colonic) vaginoplasty

(from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, April 2016) Long-Term Follow-Up of Transgender Women After Secondary Intestinal Vaginoplasty. van der Sluis WB1, Bouman MB2, de Boer NK3, Buncamper ME2, van Bodegraven AA4, Neefjes-Borst EA5, Kreukels BP6, Meijerink WJ7, Mullender MG2. Author information Abstract INTRODUCTION: Intestinal vaginoplasty with a sigmoid colon or ileal segment is an established…Continue Reading

Difficulty urinating after male to female transgender surgery

Dr. Reed, Having difficulty urinating after transgender surgery. Any suggestions?  Louisa Dear Louisa, Many male to female transgender patients may have to lean forward to keep the urinary stream trajectory downwards.  This is correctable by re-siting the opening lower down.  Sometimes transgender voiding problems are just transient due to surgical swelling and will subside within a month…Continue Reading

My urinary stream after male to female vaginoplasty seems to go up. Help.

Dr. Reed, Had a male to female vaginoplasty elsewhere and my urinary stream seems to go up not down.  I find myself leaning over to keep the urine in the toilet bowl.  Jocelyn Dear Jocelyn, Following a male to female vaginoplasty an upward  deflection of the urinary stream occurs more frequently than you might imagine. …Continue Reading

Had MTF vaginoplasty and my clitoris doesn’t look right

Dr. Reed,  Had a vaginoplasty somewhere else and my clitoris doesn’t look right.  Can you do a clitoroplasty?  My urinary stream is seldom going down and is variable at best.  Have to lean forwards to avoid accidents. Almerinda Dear Almerinda, We do vaginoplasty revision every month.  A clitoris of course should be sensate and provide…Continue Reading

Veteran asks Is your vaginoplasty promotion still on? Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Your male to female vaginoplasty promotion will greatly help with my transition. I am in the retired military (read veteran) if that means anything.  Amelia Dear Amelia, Yes, our male to female vaginoplasty promotion and compassionate special consideration is ongoing.  Thank you for your service.  Served on the US Army medical corp (stationed…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Post-op transgender genitalia pictures Dr. Reed | The Reed Centre | Miami

Dr. Reed, Do you have any post-op transgender pictures that would confirm some recommendations I have heard about your work? Alyson Dear Alyson, Post-op transgender pictures of male to female bottom surgery can be found on our websites and for vaginoplasty revisions and Results depend on proper patient preparation, surgical experience, post-op care and recommendations.  For example, please…Continue Reading

Labiaplasty for transgender surgery patient

Dr. Reed, What’s involved for a labiaplasty on a transgender MTF patient who already had a vaginoplasty.  Cheryl Dear Cheryl, The term labiaplasty is a very generalized term that specifically could relate to modifying or creating labia majora or minora.  But other details on your work list could include: vaginal depth, revising to opening or introitus…Continue Reading

Post op SRS photos (FAQ) | Dr. Harold M. Reed | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dr. Reed,  I am 4 months post transgender vaginoplasty done elsewhere and am concerned because I am not orgasmic and have no erogenous area.  The labia do not seem to be symmetrical.  Do you have any post-op SRS photos?  Evelyn Dear Evelyn, I can say with great confidence among our 2000 cases of transgender vaginoplasty…Continue Reading