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Vaginoplasty revision with depth, pinkness, and clitoral hood ASAP

Please take at me. Im looking to have labia plasty, clitoral hood, an pink inside and made deeper. I had my srs done over 10 yrs ago in South America. I look forwarded to hearing from you asap  Tedalia

Dear Tedalia,

Vaginoplasty revisions are done here regularly.  We will evaluate your urethral length and may spatulate it anteriorly and posteriorly to give you the look you are seeking. Regarding vaginal depth and atresia, you should anticipate a surgical depth of your height in feet as expressed in inches and your height in inches as expressed as a fraction over 12.  So if you are 5 feet 9 inches tall, anticipate a depth of 5″ plus 9/12″ or about 5 and 3/4″.of depth.  Clitoral hoods are fairly easy to do

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Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami




Lost vaginal depth after vaginoplasty elsewhere

Had a vaginoplasty a few years ago, will need more vaginal depth for normal penetrating sex . I have a serious boyfriend and we have not been able to make it happen.  Beverly Dear Beverly, Dilating after vaginoplasty regardless of how it was done is essential.  I have attached an article which was published 2…Continue Reading

Urethral spongiosum rest

Dr. Reed,  I had a vaginoplasty about 8 year ago and have a lot of swelling just above my vagina when I am aroused.  It makes penetration very difficult.  I think this is too low for my clitoris. Daniella Dear Daniella, More likely than not, you have a urethral spongiosum rest.  There are 3 erectile…Continue Reading

More on Vecchietti procedure

Pain due to tightening of the traction threads was managed with epidural anaesthesia. Dilators were used for 6 months in combination with liberal application of oestrogen cream to treat oestrogen deficiency and for lubrication. After 3 months the patient started having intercourse. The vaginal size achieved was 7 cm length × 4 cm width. No…Continue Reading

Vecchietti procedure for vaginal depth

Does the Vecchietti procedure produce normal vaginal depth?  Am a transgender woman with Vaginal Stenosis.  Was not a consistent dilator and that may be part of the explantation.  Tammy Dear Tammy, We have reviewed several publication on the Vecchietti procedure and would prefer to quote directly.  As you know the Vecchietti procedure employs a racket which…Continue Reading

Davydov procedure for Vaginal Depth

The principle of the Davydov technique is to create a neovagina using the patient’s own peritoneum as the lining. Results: All procedures were performed laparoscopically under general anaesthetic, and no intraoperative complications was encountered. The average preoperative vaginal length was 2.2 cm (range from 0 to 4 cm). The average vaginal length at 7 days…Continue Reading

Male to Female Vaginoplasty space closed and wishes revision

Dear Dr. Reed, Had a sex change vaginoplasty about 3 years ago and didn’t take dilating seriously.  Maybe it’s my imagination but the space seems to have closed “overnight.” Is that possible and what can be done.  Finally met a decent man who wants to go all the way.   Need vaginal depth Nelda Dear…Continue Reading

Seeking more vaginal depth after vaginoplasty

Dear Dr. Reed,  Had a sex change vaginoplasty elsewhere and dilating was painful, so I stopped and now have virtually no vagina whatsoever. What can be done. for Vaginal closure Veronica Dear Veronica, Dilation is key to maintain vaginal depth after vaginoplasty.  Even if you have a boy=friend, sex is not always consistent and relationship…Continue Reading

Colonic vaginoplasty abroad and vaginal stenosis

Dear Dr. Reed,  Had a colonic vaginoplasty and my partner has great difficulty penetrating and often we note bleeding after sex.  Can you fix this? Joananne Dear Joananne,  Thank you for looking at photographic examples on our web-site  Vaginal stenosis can occur following penile skin inversion as well as colonic vaginoplasty.  Regardless of how…Continue Reading