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(FAQ) My urinary stream is not going straight down, will this improve? | The Reed Centre | Miami

Dr. Reed, (following transgender vaginoplasty) My urinary stream is not going straight down, will this improve? Leaning forward a lot to avoid accidents. Magdalena

Dear Magdelena,

I would allow a few months after transgender vaginoplasty, for any swelling to subside.  Just like when you kink a garden hose, the stream may not come out straight.  However if this dos not improve to your satisfaction after a few months, this aspect of your surgery will need to be revised.  The medical term is called a urethroplasty.  This often happens because when penile skin inversion is done to create a neo-vagina there is tension on that skin from the pubis, wants to go back from where it came.  The solution is during vaginoplasty this skin has to be lifted so it can be drawn downwards without traction.  The pening of the urethra in a natal female is well below the underside of the pubic bone (pubic symphysis).

Your transgender surgeon may look at you and also proposes some other recommendations as well.  Better to have all this done at once, if you need a touch up.  Please visit our web-site for before and after male to female surgery pictures


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


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