Contemplating an orchiectomy

June 14, 2015

Yes, I am on HRT. I was on HRT for about 7 months around 6 years ago, but decided to stop at the time because my wife wasn’t fully onboard. She is now supporting me fully and I started again in early August of 2014

Specific_Questions: On an immediate basis I am looking to get an orchidectomy for many reasons, but mainly to help/enhance the results of HRT. In the future (within the next 1-4 years) I will undergo GRS. I want to ensure the orchidectomy procedure will NOT adversely affect my future GRS procedure. With regards to GRS, I desire to be FULLY functional sexually and asthetically. My wife and I have an open relationship and we are both bi-sexual. I do plan to have intercourse with men and do very much wish to have a good vaginal depth, be orgasmic, and be self-lubricating if possible. I am trying to decide between a few GRS surgeons and would like to know why I should choose Dr Reed over anyone else. I do like what I see in the pictures as far as asthetic results. I would also like to know what the procedure will cost (GRS, orchidectomy) and how quickly an orchidectomy can be scheduled.


Good morning Betty,

If you wish to have an orchiectomy, please initiate a consultation over the phone.  You will need 2 letters of therapy clearance which could later if updated be applied  to your vaginoplasty.  We say “2 letters, one written by a therapist with a doctoral degree” because this is irreversible surgery.

If you have an orchiectomy, you will receive a $1000 credit to your vaginoplasty later on.  Please call Anne our amiable office manager for a compassionate discount on your vaginoplasty.  She has my permission to bring a smile to your face.
Have a good Sunday,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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