Cost and terms for male to female vaginoplasty?

Dr. Reed, Seeking an Male to Female Sex Change Vaginoplasty.  I have been on female hormones with a doctor in Coral Springs for over 8 + months now. I have been living and working full time as female for nearly 2 months now. I have been seeing Marcia Schultz for Gender Counseling for 10 + months now.
Specific_Questions: I am interested in your services for MTF surgery per Marsha’s recommendation and talking to others. I would like to know cost and terms required by your office. What about financial options as of payment?
HEAR: and Marcia Schultz  Linda

Dear Linda,

Thank you for visiting our web-site  I hope you like the before and after photos of male to female vaginoplasty.

Our thinking in this order is that you are medically and psychologically qualified to undergo MTF vaginoplasty, a 3 1/2 to 4 1/2  hour operation.  Then we need to accommodate your scheduling needs.  Lastly are fees.  More important is that we stay busy and do safe and appropriate surgery.  Most important is you are happy with the results. Please call Anne at the office regarding compassionate fees.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Example #4: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery Early Post Op. Anticipate labia minora will become more delicate and posterior fourchette will be more confluent over next few months. Patient already fully orgasmic.

After picture male to female vaginoplasty

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