Deserving male to female transgender requiring financial assistance

Hello Dr. Reed,
I appreciate you getting back to me.  My therapist felt I’d be a good candidate for your office and promotion.  I’m currently unemployed and have been for a while.  Though qualified for many positions I feel as though it’s become clear the reason for my lack of success at getting work… Being transsexual. Including being told I was the most qualified applicant yet the owner decided to go in a different direction.  That being said I unfortunately don’t have $250. I’m struggling to keep my HRT going, getting food and keeping my house. On the other hand I am 2 1/2+ years into transition desperately trying to get my final step done.  It’s the only surgery I’m interested in and I have my two letters from my therapist and doctor and am 100% confident that I can get the funds for my GRS if selected for one of the final 12 spots available.  I’m available by phone or email anytime if there is still a possibility of being fortunate enough to figure how to proceed.  Flights and places to stay in the Miami area and Florida are very easy for me as I a friends and family there.  Thank you again for getting back to me and thank you for what you and your staff are doing.

Sincerely,   Alicia

July 31, 2015

Good morning Alicia,

Yes, we do MTF transgender vaginoplasty . We do a penile skin inversion technique, and this can be supplemented with a scrotal graft if added depth is needed at no extra charge. Economically these are challenging times for most of us, and we will do whatever possible to make vaginoplasty affordable with either a grant or donation. Equally as important I that you look at our web-site for photos and MTF pictures.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Centre – Miami


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  1. Dear Dr. Reed and staff.Please help me. I have been on hormones 6 years, and lived full time for 5. Unfortunayely I cannot afford the surgery. You seee in my home State i have to have the surgery to have my gender marker changed and ina a conservitive State like Ms it has been neark=ly impossible to get work to finance my surgery. It’s no that I’m not passable, even mildly attractive, it’s just not right. The one thing I have wanted all my life Dr.Reed was to be complete, normal. The dysphoria for me is reaching all time highs and I swear I don’t know how much longer I can take this, sometimes I think about doing it myself it hurts so bad. If you can help me Dr. Reed I would be forever grateful. It just may save my life. Please help me Dr. Reed,
    Charlene Cook 662-801-1248

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