Desperate seeking vaginoplasty in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,

My name is Marlene and seeking a vaginoplasty I am a thirty six year old transsexual woman (male to female) who has been on hormones for eighteen months now as well as living full time as a woman for twenty months. I have had my name legally changed and been approved by local medical professionals,  the Plaza Physicians Group in Kansas City MO. to have any surgical procedures so to move forward with the transition process.

I was employed by a local hospital in Kansas City MO for there and a half years as an EMT-Basic on their critical care transport team which involved the operation of ambulances and accompanying the nurse and respiratory therapists on helicopter and airplane transports as well.  Soon after deciding to transition I was terminated from my career, thirty minutes after that, my wife informed me that she wanted a divorce. I then moved into my camper van, and went back to working in fast food only getting eight hours a week and making about one two hundred and five dollars per week.

I have applied for over twenty five jobs and have been denied the right to work, presumably for the fact that I am transgender and my I.D. still says male. I don’t believe that I will ever be able to become a productive member of society in these surroundings as long as I am still legally male which can be changed on my birth certificate but only after SRS. I have very little money some of which was obtained by a legal suit for wrongful termination, unfortunately, I only have about six thousand dollars to use on surgery.

I have become very hopeless as I feel that my self worth is of no value and that I have become a burden to my family and friends. I feel I am trapped in a “catch twenty two” and that I will never have a meaningful, purposeful life until I am able to move forward and complete transition which under my current circumstances, seems to be completely unattainable. I would rather end my own life then to continue living this way.

I would love to become a surgical technician in hopes to work for a surgeon like yourself so to help others in their transitioning process and possibly even move on to nursing. These are two careers I believe I would excel at as I did very well with my job as an EMT-Basic, and because of  my love for helping others.
I would be willing to work for my surgery as I do not like taking handouts or asking for help at the tax payers expense as my problems are not of their concern.


Dear Marlene,

Please don’t despair.  Call Anne, our compassionate office manager who will make recopmemndations and work out arrangements.  You do need funds for the hotel, a female companion, travel, and for post-operative supplies such as bed protectors, a house coat, a ring pillow and vaginal dilators.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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