Do you accept insurance for male to female sex change vaginoplasty

Dear Dr. Reed,  Do you accept insurance for male to female sex change vaginoplasty?  LadyAnna

Dear LadyAnna,

While we are not contracted providers with any vaginoplasty insurance company, if our hospital accepts your insurance,
we’ll reduce our fees by several thousand dollars, and do you in the hospital.  If your insurance company will reimburse you, you can keep these funds. So do stay in touch and see our before and after sex change photos on srsMiami/  Most important i that you have an experience transgender surgeon operate and provide a functional and beautiful result that you and your intimates will like.


Harold M. Reed, MD
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Example #2: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery

Note clitoral hood, glans, and sulci. Ample introitus is confirmed by passage of our largest stent.

Patient of Dr. Reed practicing vaginal dilation after male to female vaginoplasty (photo)



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