Do you Accept Medicare?

Short answer, the hospital does and anesthesia does, and we will reduce our fees and you get the check.

Regretfully we have learned Medicare is allowing 1800 (yes that’s all… 1800) for
vaginoplasty and for that reason, we will not accept Medicare.  We get 2000
for a circumcision, 2500 for a simple orchiectomy.  Please review Medicare’s
web-site on billing relating to non-participating doctors and private contracts.

I am confident if you knock on enough doors, someone may accept Medicare.
I sure would like to know who that doctor is, because I’ll send all my Medicare inquiries to them.
Surgery alone takes about 5 hours, talking to the patient pre-op on the day of surgery,
going over everything with the OR nurses and anesthesia team takes another 1/2 hour
to 45 minutes, and I would not leave you until I have observed you for a good hour or so.
Then I have to see you every day for 7 days.  Just a trip to the hospital round trip is
close to one hour, not including morning rounds, so this is a big joke.  Medicare expects
surgeons to offer post-operative care gratis for 1 to 3 months.

The good news is Medicare will pay for your hospitalization and anesthesia.  For that reason we will
reduce our fees considerably.

If you are serious about having surgery with me, please call Anne and ask for a compassionate

Please remember deposits up to 50% of the agreed upon price are non-refundable

Your consultation fee to initiate a consultation is 250.

Regardless, I wish you every good thing you wish yourself.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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