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Dr. Reed, Do you require electrolysis before vaginoplasty?


Dear Kelly,

Yes, we recommend electrolysis before vaginoplasty as hair
growing in the vagina is not fun during sex (pulling on hair hurts).
I know some doctors say they can scrape the hair, but attached
is a photo of a patient done in Thailand where hair is commonly
scraped during surgery and lots of hair is seen coming out of her vagina.
This photo is a copy of a copy, so a little fuzzy.  I am not in the office
now but when I return will send you a higher resolution photo.

An excellent electrolysis diagram can be seen on


Try to have this done 2 months before surgery as 10% of the hairs may
grow back and you can have a touch-up .  Naturally if we see any
obvious hair we will try to remove the follicles at or before surgery.

If you wish to chat further about this, you’re welcome.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery




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