Electrolysis suggestions in preparing for transsexual MTF vaginoplasty

Would you be kind enough to comment on electrolysis versus laser and where this needs to be done and how soon before transgender MTF vaginoplasty.  I am a natural blond.  Karen

Dear Karen,

Generally speaking laser doesn’t work well on blonds.  An electrolysis diagram can be found on our webiste  Ideally you should get started 3 months before surgery as “10% of the 10% of hairs may grow back. We recommend local anesthesia with electrolysis as higher settings can be used with less likelihood of recurrence.  In our office Anne does the electrolysis and usually 2 to 3 sessions are sufficient.

Please avoid so called scraping at time of surgery as we have seen a patient done abroad and hair was growing out of her vagina.  Also hair in the perineal area is not very feminine, nor is the immediate clitoral area on natal women hair bearing.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.,
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami



Our electrolysis diagram to include the pre-anal area.


Vaginal hair after scraping (“Oh no”)

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