Transgender Surgery Eligibility

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The Reed Centre conforms to “Standards of Care of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (v. 7)”

These Transsexual Surgery criteria include:

Living in the social role of the chosen gender at least 12 months.

Additionally, for genital surgery you must be recommended by 2 licensed therapists, one of whom possesses a doctoral degree and the other, at least a masters degree or its equivalent in a clinical behavioral science field.

Clinical training may occur within any formally credentialing discipline — for example, psychology, psychiatry, social work, counseling, or nursing.

One of these 2 therapists has to know you for an extended period of time (not specified) to prepare an in depth evaluation. The second letter may be viewed as a letter of concurrence.

Participation in psychotherapy throughout the real-life experience is desirable at a frequency determined jointly by the patient and the mental health professional.

Age and medical status. If you are below 60 and in tip-top medical shape (not overweight, exercise regularly, not on insulin) you can be done as an outpatient at our facility with a 24 hour hold for observation. Both an RN and I will be in attendance during this time. Most likely you would then be transferred to a nearby motel. There are a few on our preferred list. Patients over 60 certainly need a sterling letter of medical clearance with reference to a thallium stress EKG, and may be more safely done in nearby regional hospital. If in your best interest, and you are covered by insurance… we’ll reduce our fees. If you have any reservations that you may not qualify, please ask before initiating a consultation.

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