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Dr. Reed,  I have insurance.  Will they cover my vaginoplasty and how soon can you operate?  We spoke last year.  Will I be orgasmic after male to female vaginoplasty surgery?


Dear Rochelle,
Virtually all of our patients who have vaginoplasty are orgasmic.  The only 2 exceptions I know are a diabetic in poor control and an inveterate smoker who didn’t follow medical advice.   So think this way, if you can play the piano before surgery, you’ll play after surgery.  While we are not contracted providers with any insurance company we can for starters take 50% off our low surgery price, as your insurance will pay for hospitalization and anesthesia.  They may even remit money back to you.  Please confer with your insurance company for exact answers.  We will work with them to provide all the essential information for pre-certification.  Plan on sending us your policy and group number. If you are ready, we can put you on the schedule within1 to 2 months


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


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