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Dear Dr. Reed,  It is necessary to have genital hair removal or some form of laser or electrolysis prior to my MTF vaginoplasty.  Renee

Dear Renee,

Yes, we recommend removal of all the hair on your penile shaft including a 1 inch pathway (top, sides and bottom) at the base of the penis, plus all scrotal hair.  Optionally, you may wish to have periianal hair removed as that does not look too feminine.  You don’t want hair growing in the vagina (tugging during sex, who needs that?), nor is pubic hair seen in natal clitoral hoods.

We have posted an electrolysis diagram you can show your electrologist. Best to start this a good 2 months before surgery, as 10 percent of the hairs may grow back, and you might need a touch up.

Please look at before and after pictures of male to female sex change surgery on our web-site



Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed  Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Note: no pubic hair over clitoris


Pubic hair growing out of MTF vagina, patient was told can be scraped off in surgery.


MTF electrolysis diagram


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