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Dr. Reed, Do you have any post-op transgender pictures that would confirm some recommendations I have heard about your work? Alyson

Dear Alyson,

Post-op transgender pictures of male to female bottom surgery can be found on our websites and for vaginoplasty revisions and Results depend on proper patient preparation, surgical experience, post-op care and recommendations.  For example, please consider using a ring or U-shaped cushion when you are seated for 5 to 6 weeks as your torso weight of 70 pounds or more could split an incision line.  No smoking for a good 8 weeks before surgery (and hopefully never again) as smoking is a pulmonary irritant and also causes vasospasm which reduces an optimal wound healing environment.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


Transgender vaginoplasty after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


Transgender vaginoplasty after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

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