FAQ Transgender vaginoplasty moisture techniques

Dr. Reed, I’d like a moist transgender vagina. What techniques are used worldwide to create this type of environment? Sally

Dear Sally, Transgender vaginal moisture certainly facilitates sex and helps formulate partner awareness that you are aroused.  Very flattering and a turn-on as well.  However, you should know that natal female vagina is not especially wet or even moist without sexual excitement.  Only then, does the vaginal capillary bed open up and elaborates a transudate which is slippery. For this reason, most gynecologists put some KY jelly on their speculum when doing a routine exam.  When doing a rectal exam, doctors inevitably put KY jelly on a gloved finger to facilitate ease of entry into the anus.  A colonic vagina will not be any more moist than that. Otherwise, we’d all be wearing panty liners to absorb the lubrication.

There’s a saying “love finds a way.”  So it’s oral sex, or some KY jelly or perhaps either you or your partner will elaborate some pre-ejaculate fluid (occurs in only about 10% of natal men).  The use of estrogen creams may help because surprisingly penile skin (even if inverted has estrogen receptors).  At any rate, it’s a love story and enjoy.

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Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

ER stands for estrogen receptors, surprisingly found in all penile and scrotal tissue submitted to the laboratory

estrogen receptors


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