FGM Restoration Surgery Wanted

Dear Dr. Reed,

I’m from Africa and had a disturbing ritual surgery performed on my clitoral
hood. I can send some photos. That was 15 years ago. Will you be able
to make me look decent and normal?


Good morning Taisha,

Your photos were reviewed and believe me you have my sympathy, involvement, and promise to restore your anatomy. In that delicate sutures are employed for cosmetic reasons, it is essential you be on bed rest for a few days, with lower extremity exercises of course. I will see you daily at the hotel.

Please view our web-site for photographic examples of our work. Hope you like what you

Please call Anne at the office, and we’ll get started. Anticipate we will show you every courtesy.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Center for Gender Surgery Affirmation – Miami

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