For Male to Female Surgery, need consultation

Dear Dr. Reed, Would like to set up an initial consultation by phone for male to female surgery.  I have seen your male to female surgery pictures before and after.  Your web-site is recommended to me by my therapist as well as a friend in Portland you have done.

Would like to come to sunny and warm Miami for gender reassignment surgery.  I feel comfortable saying sex change surgery will reduce the stressors of daily living and allow me to assimilate better as the female I know I am.   Am a 27 year old pretty transgendered female.  Please expedite the vetting process and give me an early date.  Geraldine

Dear Geraldine,

Male to female sex change surgery is the specialty of the house.  Most days, that’s all we do.  We see transgendered women such as yourself for primary surgery and are also do revisions of surgery done elsewhere.  Please be compliant with instructions regarding post-operative followup care.  We’ll also be providing special instructions as to how to prepare.  We’ll be continuously reviewing all your letters, lab work, height-weight conformation, and medications to be sure all the safety factors are in place.


Harold M. Reed, M.SD.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


From Dr. Reed’s Before and After Male to Female Surgery Pictures

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  1. I want to schedule an online consultation to correct my breast augmentation previous surgery .

    I also want to have Dr Reed to quote me for a full Body Liposuction and Contour with fat transfer to my hips and buttock.

    And I wanted to also get a quote for a FFS
    ●LIPOSUCTION of under the jawline
    ● Lower face face lift after CHEEK IMPLANTS are inserted since I had a terrible teenage acne that left my lower extremities of my face with dents which makes me look Older and Manly.

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