from Diane, “To anyone considering surgery:”

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To anyone considering surgery:

Hello, my name is Diane. I am writing this letter to inform you how my SRS surgery was for me. I hope this helps with you making your decision.

Let me give you a little background about myself. I have been living full time for approximately 10 years. I recently moved to the south Florida area where I am a manager for a large mechanical contractor in the south Florida area. I had my surgery July 7th of this year. I had been seeking the SRS surgery for sometime, but as you very well know the costs were a little restrictive. Just as you have probably done, I searched the Internet and found Dr. Reed’s website. I set a consultation appointment with Dr Reed as soon as I could and discussed my intentions. After our meeting I researched Dr. Reed and gave it much thought before I scheduled my surgery with him. To be honest with you it was the best thing I could have done.

Anyhow enough about myself, I set my appointment with Dr. Reed. The appointment time came quickly and I went to his office to be a little surprised. When you enter his office you will find several paintings Dr. Reed has done over the years. As I was waiting to see him I could not miss the fact Dr. Reed is very talented. In my mind I felt if he is this talented with his paintings he has to be just as talented as a surgeon. Dr. Reed’s nurse Ann, Dr. Reed’s right hand woman with a heart of gold, called me into the office where I had to go to the bathroom and urinate in a cup for testing. I thought how strange, but what I hadn’t realized it was the beginning of the pre-candidate examination for surgery.

I met with Dr. Reed and we discussed everything anyone would want to know or not know about surgery. After our discussion I was placed into an examining room and was told to undress so Dr. Reed could examine me. While I was waiting for Dr. Reed I had noticed how neat and clean the exam room is with everything in its place and a place for everything. Dr. Reed and Ann soon entered into the room and Dr. Reed began his examination. After the examination I had gotten dressed and went into Dr. Reed’s office. We discussed the results of the examination and that he had a few concerns. He told me I had to lose a little weight and I had to quit smoking now before he could perform surgery. I thought are you crazy there is no way. After this awful news I left with knowing what I had to do.

As time went on, knowing what I had to do before scheduling my surgery I began walking a couple of miles a day then 4 to 5 miles a day. I cut back on my food intake. Before I knew it I was where I needed to be. Now the smoking issue was a little more difficult to stop, but if I wanted my surgery I had to stop. Eventually, as difficult as it was, I stopped and was now ready for surgery. I called and set the date.

Slowly two months went by and it was time for surgery. Dr. Reed wanted to meet with me the day before surgery. The day before surgery came and I met with Dr. Reed. We discussed the procedure and all the complications that maybe possible and what would be done if there would be any complications. Now it came time for Dr. Reed to re-examine me. To my amazement I was told I still hadn’t lost enough weight. With the weight problem and Dr. Reed’s concern about my smoking it was enough for him to say we should wait until another time. I was beside myself, I felt I was in the best possible shape I had been in for years. After Dr. Reed realized how serious I was about my surgery he then discussed it with Ann. After some thought Dr. Reed agreed to perform the surgery. What a big relief, later I felt maybe it was his way to ensure himself that I knew after surgery there was no going back and this was what I wanted.

The day of surgery came and what a nervous wreck. A very good friend, whom I owe a lot to, came with me and stayed through the surgery, my stay at Dr. Reed’s office and the hotel room. It was great to have someone there. Anyhow, I arrived at 8:00 am and was met by Ann. She directed me go to the back area and get undressed for surgery. After undressing I stepped out to go into the surgical room and met Vladimere. I would like to say something about him. Vladimere is a quite giant who is very soft spoken always has something good to say. No matter how tough it gets for him in the surgical room he always has a smile.

I went into the surgical room and met the anesthesiologist, referred to as “Uncle Ted”, what a great guy. He gave me an injection to calm me down the next thing I recall I was in recovery. I had no pain and it didn’t even feel as though I had surgery. After checking I felt reassured I had my surgery. As I recovered Vladimere was an angel helping me with whatever I needed. After surgery it was time for Dr. Reed’s staff to go home. They all said goodbye and Dr. Reed introduced me to a young lady who I don’t recall her name I will call her my Night Angel, what a sweetheart, to watch over me during the night. Later I found out she is a doctor in training. Dr. Reed explained to me that he would be in the next room in case I needed him for anything. Unfortunately, I did during the night.

Sometime during the night my bladder stopped passing urine through to the catheter. I was in excruciating pain, but my Night Angel went to Dr. Reed. He found my urethra had swollen closed not allowing the urine to pass. He quickly resolved the problem and what a relief and I slept comfortably the remainder of the night.

I awoke the next morning to a hot cup of coffee. I wasn’t hungry in the morning, but later in the day I had became hungry. Ann brought me a sandwich, soup and a soda. What a great meal, honestly. I asked Ann what restaurant the meal came from, she said Dr. Reed had made the meal, what a great cook. Shortly after I ate I was released to go to the Bay Harbor hotel. Vladimere as gently as he could wheeled me to the hotel room and helped me to bed.

During my time in the hotel room Dr. Reed came to the room and checked on me everyday. One evening during the stay in the hotel room my friend and I thought there was a problem we called Dr. Reed and within the hour he was there. Fortunately there wasn’t any problems, what was amazing is how quickly he responded. Within the next couple of days which was Sunday he said I was stable enough to go home. What a pleasure it was to hear those words.

I came back the following week for a follow-up visit. The stint was removed and everything checked out fine and I could start the dilations. When I was getting ready to leave Dr. Reed’s office he told me he was going out of town he gave me a number of where he was staying and if I needed to call him for anything feel free to call. This is unprecedented for a surgeon to do this. Most of the time you are referred to the emergency room at a local hospital. It just proves to me how concerned he is for his patients.

The next day I began my dilations and saw Dr. Reed’s handy work. After the surgery I had no bruising and very little bleeding. Even still, I could not believe what I saw. It was god awful ugly. It was huge. What did I do. After I started to soak in my salt-water baths the swelling went down. It started to take shape and what a great job. Even before the second phase of the surgery.

Three months has went by I have full sensitivity more than what I expected. With my healing done from the first phase of surgery its time for the second phase. I am still recovering from the second phase, but I am still just as pleased as I was from the first surgery. I still have some swelling and some bleeding, but I know with a little time and patience everything will be fine.

I would like to share some things that worked for me which might make it easier once you have your surgery. Make sure you take all the medications Dr. Reed prescribes to you. Make sure you follow all of Dr. Reed’s instructions to the tee. You should realize your body has been configured a certain way for all your life, once you have surgery it takes a little time to achieve what you are looking for. It is not something that once you have surgery everything will be perfect you need to be patient. You should walk as much as you can this helps in the healing process. Keep in mind everyone is different. Make sure you practice good personal hygiene.

In closing I can not say enough about Dr. Reed and his staff. They are very compassionate for all of their patients. They make you feel as if you are one of the family.

No matter what decision you make I wish you all the health, happiness, joy and love your life may bring. If you would like to discuss anything about the surgery ask Dr. Reed for my phone number and I will make time to speak with you.



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  1. Oh, I would really like to thank you, for your story. I am going to try to get to the point of bottom surgery. I’m gradually working my way through the process of a transition. I guess I’m piecing myself together. My thinking is I will work on my facial feminization first. Beginning with the eyes that area. Although bottom surgery is last on my list. I do appreciate your story. Thank you. Learn something everyday.

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