From New York with Medicare and Medicaid

Dear Dr. Reed,

I have Medicare and Medicaid in New York.  Will this cover my MTF vaginoplasty?


Dear Debbie,

If you would be kind enough to scan or fax me your Medicare card I’ll present the information to
the business office at the hospital  If they give the OK, this will cover your hospitalization  fee and anesthesia fee.  Following surgery you will then get a check from Medicare, as we are “out of network providers”.    Please confer with them for any details.

You will have a reduced balance to pay that should be very affordable.  There may be some very capable surgeons
in New York, who will accept your Medicare/Medicaid.  Please let us know what you decide.   You have a dream, we have a mission.

In the mean time look at our before and after photos.  Hope you like what you see.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Centre – Miami

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