FTM surgery at the Reed Centre

Many patients have asked to see photographic examples of metoidioplasty and penile implants.  These are both on our webiste and Click on “see photographic examples.”  We loosely call this our family album of “ups and downs.”   Some implants are semi-rigid as shown on srsMiami.  The actual phalloplasty surgery is done elsewhere, but if you have a good size phallus and good width and ideally sensation to the head, we can do the rest.  Please be advised that inflatable implants in transgendered FTM statistically last half as long as those in cis men.  In our practice for cis men they last about 8 years.  Other series say longer, and the manufacturers say, “if the doctor doesn’t tell us they are ordering a replacement, how are we to know.”   Semi-rigid FTM implants of course may last indefinitely.  Lack of sensitivity in the tip may result unintentional micro-trauma and extrusion of the implant.  Other complications include wound infection and hydraulic abnormalities such as fluid leakage,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
FTM Metoidioplasty and Penile Implants – Miami

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