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Dr. Reed,

What are the advantages of a (free) nipple-areolar graft vs. a purse string to give me a male


Dear Kent,

Either way, we have to reduce the nipple-reolar complex from an average of 42 mm
to about 20 mm.  If you have an A cup breast (most women do not) we can peserve
the vascular and nerve attachments, removing usually more underlying skin, and via the peri-areolar
incision, of course, remove breast tissue.  Initally you will see some puckers as a larger circle is mated
with a small inner circle, but usually over time this smooths out.  The advantage of the
free graft is we can window shade all the loose skin down to the infra mammary line, and
place the reduced nipple-areolar complex exactly where it belongs.

You will have a transverse incision which may extend under the arm somewhat, but this is
preferable to an inverted T incision which is not very popular.

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Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Gender Affirmation Surgery – Miami

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