Getting ready for an orchiectomy

Dr. Reed,  When may I schedule in for an orchiectomy.  Been living as a transgender woman for 4 years.  My therapist says she is willing to write a letter. Are there any special requirements?  Marlene

Dear Marlene,

For your transgender orchietomy 2 letters of therapy clearance are required, both written by therapists with doctoral degrees or co-signed by a therapist with a doctoral degree.  If you are on estrogen, we ask that you stop one month before surgery.  Estrogens are coagulopathic. That means could cause deep vein thromboses, pulmonary embolisms, coronary blockage or a stroke.  You will also need to consult with us on the phone so we can obtain a medical history including previous surgeries, allergies, current medications and the like.

Our affordable orchiectomy fee is $2,500 which includes use of the operating room, local anesthesia with IV sedation and any followup care we provide. Please look at before and after pictures of our sex change operations  If you correspond with us by Emailing , We can send you a packet of information.

Please look at before and after pictures of our sex change surgery on

Hope this gets you off to a good start.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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