Getting ready for feminizing vaginoplasty at the Reed Centre

April 26, 2016

Good evening Dr. Reed,

How many days should I book my hotel at Daddy O’s? Your information packet states my stitches and catheter will come out 7 to 14 day depending on how I heel. Will a family physician be able to remove my stitches if needed?  Please ask Anne if she can email me information on Clinic for Chest X-rays and EKG.we talked about on the phone.

Thank You

Good morning Madison,

Typically we like to see our patients early the day before feminzing vaginoplasty  Please see
helpful comments from others on our web-site

You ideally need to be checked in then at Daddy O, because the rest of the
day you’ll be on a bowel prep (laxatives and enemas) and you’ll want to be close to a
personal bathroom.  Hope that makes sense.

The next day is surgery and we call that the zero day.  So if we say your sutures are generally
remove 2 weeks after that you’ll understand.  Your catheter comes out on the 12th post-=operative day.

For reasons of economy you may wish to do that yourself and have the sutures removed by a local
doctor, although we will cheerfully do all these tasks for you gratis.

Most patients (80%) leave on the 7 post operative day.  On that day we remove your packing and
show you how to use the vaginal dilators.  It is very important you have a close friend or spouse in the room
with you to be sure you are doing it right, once you are at home.  20% of our patients leave on the 8th post-op day.

Or said another way, if you arrive early Monday morning, you could leave on Wednesday, the following week.

If you have any questions, please call us.  Urology is 99% service.  We will fuss over you,

Harold M., Reed, M.D.
Gender Affirmation Surgeon
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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