Had sex change orchiectomy, will you reduce your fee

Dr. Reed,  I have had an orchiectomy and wish male to female vaginoplasty  im taking 2 hormons pill a day for 3 years .i also have been castrated..for 1 years..and im ready for my sex change vaginoplasty.  Do you give a discount for patients who have had a transgender orchiectomy?


Dear Maritza,

Given that you have had an orchiectomy, and hopefully letters of therapy clearance, you immediately are entitled to a 1000 discount in addition
to whatever fee you and Anne agree upon.  We try to be very easy, and stay busy.  Please look at our before and after MTF photos on our web-site  We know how challenging these economic times are.  Most of our patients are struggling to make ends meet, and we can be very compassionate.

Harold M. Reed, M.D
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery- Miami

Transgender vaginoplasty after picture from behind, patient of Dr. Reed

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