Had vaginoplasty and lost depth, what now

Dear Dr. Reed,  Had a male to female sex change vaginoplasty 3 years ago in New York and for some reason my vagina seems to high and is not easy for my boyfriend to enter.  Rita

Dear Rita,  Restoring vaginal depth after vaginoplasty is a frequent request. The medical term is vaginal atresia.  One issue you should be mindful of, is that regardless of what form of vaginoplasty is done, even colonic vaginoplasty, you need to dilate as the pelvic space and opening (introitus) has a tendency to close.

The labia are typically fashioned from penile skin and sometimes the skin wants to go back to from where it came. Making a proper perineal flap into the lower side of the vaginal opening will help keep the introitus open and make it more accessible.


Harold M. Reed, M.D
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery  |  Miami

10/2 - Approachable either way.

Vaginoplasty after picture (patient of Dr. Reed) approachable either way

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