Had vaginoplasty and my urinary stream seems slow

Dear Dr. Reed,

Should my urinary stream be slower after vaginoplasty.

Dear Natalia,

If this has occurred several months after vaginoplasty, we may have to think outlet obstruction or a weak bladder.  Outlet obstruction could be caused by your prostate, although most male to female prostates do not enlarge because of estrogen usage.  If you have had prostate problems before vaginoplasty, could be a recurrence.

If this has happened with a month or so after surgery, then there could some area of partial obstruction or extrinsic pressure on your urethra.  The site could be at the opening or deeper in. If deeper, this may be secondary to transient dilation or sexual trauma, or perhaps secondary to a suture placed in the urethra wall to reduce intraoperative bleeding.

Hopefully this will respond to an office dilation which is done with local xylocaine jelly anesthesia.  Ask you doctor to note the exact residual amount for his/her records.  Do write back if this continues and see us whenever you are in the greater Miami area.  If possible try to get a copy of he operative note.

We’ll leave a light in the window for you,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami
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