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I have been a member of this group since early 2007. Although I have not actively participated on a daily basis, I continue to read every post to this group site on a daily basis. Today I am recovering at the Baltic Hotel following Labiaplasty that was performed at Dr Reed’s SRS Clinic on Bal Harbor Isle, Florida. This is my third procedure performed by Dr Reed; including: Orchie (December 8. 2008) Vaginoplasty (December 5, 2012) and my Labiaplasty (October 17, 2013) Over the years I have read many new members questions about the quality of Dr Reed’s work.

During this time I was searching the interned for other options and discovered this group site, and also went on the web site for more information. Because I had been a Disc Jockey on the radio many years ago in Miami ; I decided to consider Dr Reed for my surgery. In 2008 I came to Dr Reed’s to have my testicles removed so I could actually spend time at Dr Reed’s and to stay at the Baltic Hotel where Dr Reed makes daily visits to patients. That trip convinced me that Dr Reed was the Surgeon I wanted for my complete sex change surgery.

Five years later I have completed my journey with Dr Reed, and I couldn’t be happier. I now have a beautiful functioning Vagina that looks totally natural. That is my honest opinion. I am a Viet Nam Veteran and am in the VA Health Care system in Johnson City, Tennessee, because I now live in Knoxville, Tennessee and three Doctors there in the Urology department made statements very complimentary to the job that Dr Reed performed on me.

I am now the woman I always knew I was, and I would highly recommend Dr Reed to anyone considering surgery. The reason I ultimately choose Dr Reed is because in addition to being a very qualified surgeon; he is also an accomplished artist. having completed many beautiful paintings that are on display in his Office/Clinic. His Clinical/Surgical knowledge coupled with his artistic abilities combine to create PERFECTION!!!! PS: I also do Stand Up comedy. I have three live performance video’s on

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